STÖHR bicycle garages

  • Ridge roof 0.75 mm thick – equipped inside with 6 profile supports
  • Rear wall with vertical reinforcing strips and wheel clamp
  • Standard components consisting of 0.75-mm profiled panels, 4 pieces per side wall
  • Door 0.75 mm thick with vertical reinforcing frieze and as standard with single-lever cylinder lock (3-point-safety-lock)
  • Door frame 1.25-mm thick sheet steel
  • Wheel guide made of 2 mm galvanized sheet steel
  • Bottom area with bore holes on all 4 sides – 8-mm diameter for attachment to the ground
  • Material: hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, stove-enamelled and foil-coated
  • Roof, door, frames, side and rear wall available in all RAL colors
  • Ground: continuous footing, length 2025 mm, width 90 mm
  • Space requirement for e.g. 10 bicycle garages in a row at least 2705 mm x 8200 mm